Jean E. Calvino | 1986 

I am Rotterdam-based photographer who is fascinated with capturing people's unique personalities and I see each project as an opportunity to create something that is truly unique.

Doing something that makes people happy is an awesome feeling.
For me it started with a drive to help people, I originally intended to be a set social psychologist, taking a degree of the subject, until my interest and passion for photography took over.  After finishing my studies I began working as a photographer for non-profit organisations and later started my own business.

My original psychology studies had left a lasting impression on my photographic style and method of working. When emotions, perception, personal identity and interpersonal communication come together the end result are photos showcasing feelings and unique personality factors. An image that brings happiness and retain an emotional strength for years to come. With enthusiasm and professionalism, I provide guidance through every step of a shoot, I make sure I understand goals and ambitions, I propose creative solutions and I achieve the best results by ensuring sessions are fun and memorable experiences.

The whole process brings me joy because it gives me a chance to create an environment where everyone can be themselves and the opportunity to create something beautiful.​​​​​​​

In my spare time, I volunteer as a photographer, twice a month, at a local Spanish organisation.  I also love going to the park with my family, make photos with my film cameras and develop my own film.